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Minifigs List for user sharpshooter

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Bricklink ID Name Quantity
col019 col019 Circus Ringmaster - Minifig only Entry 1  
col024 col024 Lifeguard - Minifig only Entry 1  
col034 col034 Tribal Chief - Minifig only Entry 1  
col043 col043 Sumo Wrestler - Minifig only Entry 1  
col077 col077 Boxer - Minifig only Entry 1  
col180 col180 Hun Warrior - Minifig only Entry 1  
col184 col184 Space Miner - Minifig only Entry 1  
cty0143 cty0143 Sweater Cropped with Bow, Heart Necklace, Dark Blue Legs, Reddish Brown Female Hair over Shoulder 1  
cty0144 cty0144 Surfboard on Ocean - Blue Legs, Black Short Tousled Hair, Crooked Smile 1  
cty0179 cty0179 Sweater Cropped with Bow, Heart Necklace, Tan Legs, Reddish Brown Hair Female Ponytail, Brown Eyebrows, Thin Grin 1  
cty0179a cty0179a Sweater Cropped with Bow, Heart Necklace, Tan Legs, Reddish Brown Hair Female Ponytail, Black Eyebrows, Thin Grin 1  
cty0180 cty0180 Red Shirt with 3 Silver Logos, Dark Blue Arms, Blue Legs, Dark Orange Short Tousled Hair, Backpack 1  
cty0333 cty0333 Miner - Shirt with Harness and Wrench, Sand Blue Legs, Red Short Bill Cap 1  
cty0334 cty0334 Flannel Shirt with Pocket and Belt, Dark Tan Legs, Mining Helmet, Safety Goggles 1  
cty0454 cty0454 Police - City Officer, Gold Badge, Dark Blue Cap with Hole, Lopsided Grin 1  
cty0457 cty0457 Police - Jail Prisoner 86753 Prison Stripes, Dark Bluish Gray Knit Cap 1  
cty0476 cty0476 Police - City Officer, Gold Badge, Police Hat, Scowl 1  
cty0739 cty0739 Police - City Helicopter Pilot Female, Silver Sunglasses 1  
cty0778 cty0778 Police - City Officer Shirt with Dark Blue Tie and Gold Badge, Dark Tan Belt with Radio, Dark Blue Legs, Police Hat with Gold Badge, Sunglasses 1  
cty0779 cty0779 Police - City Bandit Crook Orange Vest, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Black Knit Cap, Beard Stubble and Scowl 1  
cty0780 cty0780 Police - City Chase McCain - Dark Blue Uniform 1  
cty0904 cty0904 Arctic Snowmobile Driver 1  
cty0905 cty0905 Arctic Photographer / Biologist 1  
cty0906 cty0906 Arctic Explorer Female - Ski Beanie Hat, Light Blue Ski Goggles, Snowshoes 1  
njo115 njo115 Sleven 1  
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